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things bonefish hate

Four Things Bonefish Hate!

There are many things you can do to increase your chances of catching bonefish off the flat you are fishing.  And there is no better way to win a battle against the Grey Ghost than by getting into his mind. So let’s see four things bonefish hate, that should help you land more...
bonefishing bahama techniques

Basic Wading Techniques

Not all bonefishing is done from a boat. In fact, some of the best bonefishing experiences you’ll ever have could come when you’re standing knee-deep in water with your line looped by your feet. Thus, in addition to priming your casting skills for your big trip, you...
bonefishing tips

5 Bonefishing Tips For Beginners

Few bonefishers bring anything impressive in on the first try. Fishing for bone takes patience, skill and all the right strategies. Fortunately, the five tips that follow will greatly increase your chances of success as you hit the flats and start learning the nuances of this...
bonefishing tips

How Far In Front To Present the Fly

Whether you’re a new or seasoned angler, there are a number of factors to consider when deciding how far you should lead your fly. No single, lead distance will work well in every situation. If you ask around, you’ll hear stories of success that involve leads of up to...
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Rub Your Fly…and not for good luck

New anglers have a lot to learn when it comes to approaching bonefish with stealth. Bonefish are among the easiest fish to spook. They are also highly vigilant and very much cognizant of changes in their environment. That being said, there’s a lot that must be done to...
improve your backcast

3 Tips To Improve Your Backcast

  One of the best ways to improve your forward cast is by working on your backcast. In fact, this is also the best way to perfect your overall fly fishing skills. This cast happens directly behind you and you’ll be walking backwards while you do it. Practice will give...
presenting the fly to a permit

Presenting The Fly To The Permit

There are a number of important considerations that you need to make when presenting the fly to permit fish. If you have a lot of experience fishing for trout or bonefish, you may be tempted to use some of the same techniques. Without the right strategies, however, even the most...

7 Habits Of The Highly Effective Bonefisherman

Those with the greatest amount of success in catching big bones tend to have a lot in common. Not only are they experienced,but they know which actions consistently produce amazing results. Following are seven habits that every bonefisherman should adopt and that every effective...
bonefishing partner

Fishing Partner Tips: How To Be The Fishing Partner You’ve Always Wanted

Just because you are not fishing doesn’t exactly put you off duty. When your fishing partner is on the bow, there’s a lot that you can do to ensure his success. When your time to stand on bow arrives, your partner is guaranteed to return the favor. The following are...

5 Bonefish Casting Tips

Fast and accurate casting is essential for making the most of your bonefishing trip. You have to be able to cast the distance for bonefish and it is important to do so with stealth. With little time to prepare for your cast and extremely windy conditions to contend with, there is...