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10 Tips For Tying Flies Fast

Fly tying season is upon us and as you start restocking, you may want to have a few techniques for tying your flies faster. Moving through this task in a slow and methodical fashion can be quite beneficial. When the pressure is on, however, these 10 tips are guaranteed to help....
Big Bonefish

How To Land Big Bonefish

The only thing better than catching a bonefish is catching a big one. This isn’t something that happens by chance. Bonefishing takes a lot of careful calculation, especially if you’re hoping to haul in a record-breaker. Fortunately, with the right flies, fly...
what to bring bonefishing

Preparing For Your Next Bonefishing Trip: What To Bring

Whether or not you have the right gear for your bonefishing trip, it will play a major role in determining how successful you are. From your rods to your clothing and your footwear, different items and accessories are essential for comfort, efficiency and safety. The following is...
Poling for bonefish

5 Tips When Poling For Bonefish

Poling for bonefish is its own, unique experience. When you pursue bonefish on foot, accuracy and stealth are key. If you’re fishing from the boat and the push pole is being manned by your guide, you’ll experience a range of difficulties in terms of noise, boat speed...
strip set

Setting The Hook: The Strip Set

Once a bonefish takes your hook in his mouth, how you respond is going to play a critical role in determining whether or not you actually reel him in. Strip setting the hook instead of raising your rod will ensure that the hook embeds itself deeply. Bonefish have hard mouths and...

5 Tips For Casting In Windy Conditions

Casting for bonefish in windy condition is tough. In fact, it is one of the biggest and most common challenges among bonefishermen. Fortunately, there are a few flyfishing techniques that can make these efforts far less frustrating. Following are five tips that will help you cast...