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There’s no over-stating the importance of stealth when it comes to catching bonefish. This is definitely something to keep in mind when choosing clothing for your next big trip. You’re guaranteed to hear plenty about limiting loud, bumping and jostling sounds on the boat deck. You may even be encouraged to rub heavy, noticeable scents off your hands before heading out or handling your equipment. Mature bonefish are so smart that they can be turned around by the lingering fragrance of gasoline or the muted sounds of stomping feet or dropped equipment. Not surprisingly, you can also scare bonefish off by wearing brightly-colored clothing.

Bonefish Have Acute Vision

Bonefish have acute vision and can see bright colors clearly in all types of lighting conditions. You might have a bright red, Hawaiian shirt that looks amazing in pictures or back at the lodge, but this probably won’t be the best attire for your time spent on the flats. While a red shirt will send a bull charging, glaring colors like these will usually send many bonefish swimming away in the opposite direction. Unlike bull fighters, your ultimate goal as a bonefisher is to be as stealthy and inconspicuous as you possibly can. You want to wear light-colored clothing that won’t contrast sharply with the surrounding landscape.

Consider Your Hunting Experiences

When you hunt, you probably do everything you possibly can to avoid alerting your prey of your presence. This is the very same mindset that you must maintain on the flats. Fish from patches of turtle grass and the cover of rocks, mangroves and trees. Be mindful of the fact that your prey is smart. This is especially important to remember when attempting to haul big bones in. Larger fish don’t make it to their remarkable sizes without being a bit of cunning. These bigger fish are unlikely to be captured by people in fluorescent shirts and diamond-encrusted watches that sharply reflect light across the water’s surface.

Choose Muted Colors And Leave Your Jewelry At Home

Although bones have been known to run from fishers clad in bright-colored clothing, this doesn’t mean that catching a big bonefish while wearing a neon shirt is impossible. There is certainly evidence of savvy fishers snapping these fish up in all types of attire. If you want to maximize your chances of bringing in an impressive haul, however, it’s best to stick with neutral tones, soft pastels and colors that blend in with your natural surroundings. Other factors will also play roles in determining your overall level of stealth, including your efforts to limit noise on the boat bottom and any tactics that you’re using to mute or eliminate strong and conspicuous smells.

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