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Before taking a bonefishing trip make sure you…

One of the most important parts of planning a successful bonefishing trip is preparing for the demands of this adventure ahead of time.

With the right gear and plenty of casting practice, you’ll have a far greater ability to enjoy yourself while avoiding a host of common, yet unnecessary problems. Following are five things that you should make sure to do before heading out.

1. Practice Casting

This is at the top of nearly every list on preparing for bonefishing trips. These are among some of the stealthiest fish that you can pursue. As such, there’s very little room or tolerance for false casting. For several weeks before your trip, spend time casting into the wind, away from the wind, at different distances and with varying casting styles. A lot of people spend all of their pre-trip practice casting directly into the wind. You should also, however, account for the times when the winds will be blowing directly on your casting shoulder.

2. Pack Sunscreen

Even on overcast days sunscreen is an absolute must. You’ll be standing for hours just above the reflective surface of the water. This can be a recipe for disaster if your skin isn’t properly protected. Choose a high-quality, waterproof sunscreen at a sufficient SPF. You should also pack a sun hat and clothes that keep the majority of your skin covered.

3. Drink Lots of Water

Drinking plenty of water both ahead of your trip and during your trip is key for keeping your energy levels high. Not only is spending lots of time on the flats pretty demanding, but a lot of travelers like to spend their nights indulging at the local tiki bar. If this sounds familiar, be sure to account for the dehydrating effect that alcohol has on the body. Try to drink several liters of water each day and load up on plenty of fresh, natural and water-dense foods.

4. Consider Getting Trip Insurance

Every worthwhile vacation warrants the purchase of trip insurance. Not only do you want protection for the unexpected events that might occur while you’re out fishing, but you also want protections against last-minute trip cancellations. A nominal bit of spending could wind up sparing you a ton of extra, out-of-pocket costs, should the unexpected ever occur.

5. Take Appropriate Clothing

Clothing for your bonefishing trip should be the perfect blend of comfortable, protective and discreet. After all, not only are bonefish stealthy but they’re also good at spotting humans in their environment. This is especially true when bonefishers are dressed in bright and festive colors. Opt for neutral colors that blend in with the natural surroundings, loose-fitting materials that get plenty of ventilation, and garments that are long enough for providing adequate sun protection. You also want to bring a sun hat, a pair of polarized sunglasses, and comfortable wading sneakers or boots that have already been broken in.

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