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When Is The Best Time To Go Bonefishing?

When potential guests call us, one of the most common questions they ask is, “When is the best time to go bonefishing in the Bahamas?” The short answer to this question is “whenever you can.” The bonefishing truly is great year-round. Because the east end of Grand Bahama Island features a climate that tends to stay steady and consistent, temperature often is not a factor. Average temperatures throughout the year tend to stay within a close range, creating optimal conditions no matter the time of the year. So, while climatic conditions are usually favorable, there are slight differences in the fishing throughout the year.


Fall & Winter Months

The slightly cooler months from October to February tend to yield slightly fewer fish by numbers, but an increase in larger bonefish for our guests. These fish are in higher numbers along the flats, and the chances of catching them are increased. These months also tend to be like the Northern U.S. spring in nature. Larger bonefish move in to inhabit shallower waters during this time of the year because their larger body mass allows them to acclimate better to cooler water. As water temperature increases later on throughout the summer months, the “behemoths” tend to move into the deeper channels to find their “comfort zone.” Some of our most avid repeat guests favor these Fall and Winter months in their pursuit of their largest “career” bonefish.

Spring & Summer Months

The period from March through May tends to yield our highest daily catch rates as to number of fish due to the sunnier days and the appearance of “spawning schools.” The skies are usually crystal blue and clear with the occasional spring shower. Average size may be somewhat lower than in the Fall and Winter months, but you will always have the opportunity to encounter a “double-digit” trophy fish at any time in these waters.

During the months of June and July the typical catches might not be the biggest for the year, but the numbers will definitely be above average. While these months can also bear a few more rainy days, the rain helps to cool the water temperature on the flats, keeping it in a comfortable range for the bonefish.  In addition, the migratory permit start showing up in good numbers. The permit fishery in our waters is vastly under-rated.

When Should You Come?

So, contrary to what you may have heard, bonefishing is great regardless of the time of year. Each of the seasons have their differences, however, you will always have lots of opportunities to benefit from our unique combination of “numbers and size” of fish. In the grand scheme of things, it is never too hot or cold throughout the year in the east end of Grand Bahama Island to go bonefishing. See you soon and tight lines!


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