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Fishing Partner Tips: How To Be The Fishing Partner You’ve Always Wanted

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Just because you are not fishing doesn’t exactly put you off duty. When your fishing partner is on the bow, there’s a lot that you can do to ensure his success. When your time to stand on bow arrives, your partner is guaranteed to return the favor. The following are five ways to make sure that you’re a great boat buddy.

Pay Attention To The Line

The first and foremost job of the boat buddy is to mind the line. The line gets stripped into a big pile by the fly fisherman on deck and you need to keep this pile tidy. Make sure it isn’t hooked on any shoes or equipment or that it hasn’t coiled in on itself. This is often as easy as picking things up and putting them where they belong so that there isn’t anything for the line to get tangled on.

Help Your Partner Look For Bonefish

Your eyes won’t be nearly as skilled at spotting bonefish as those of your guide, but it’s still a good idea to help out. Scan the water for your boat buddy so that more area is covered. Having three people looking for bonefish at once is far better than relying on the sight of just one.

Be Quiet

One of the best things that you can do as a boat buddy is to keep your noise levels down. Dragging your feet or equipment across the bottom of the boat and dropping things on deck can spook the fish. Remind your fellow bonefisherman that it’s all about stealth and that goes for you too, even if you’re only sitting back and enjoying your lunch.

Mind The Time

Don’t frustrate your boat buddy by hogging the deck. Although landing a fly in front of a bonefish and actually reeling one in can take time, it is important to have firm limits for how long each person can spend on the bow. Both you and your boat buddy want to have a fair opportunity to get the job done.

Keep Things Organized

Putting things away and keeping the interior of the boat nice and tidy is a large part of your line-minding duties. This is also vital for keeping the noise levels down. When there’s less stuff out and lying about, you’re less likely to kick, drop or trip over things and make loud noises that scare the bonefish away.

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